Solutions for everyday education needs.
Data insights that make you more efficient.

A database that just works.

Do you spend more time talking with customer service than doing your job? Data is supposed to make our lives easier, but many educators are dealing with incompatible databases, unreliable servers, outdated software and clunky interfaces. We solve that: our solutions work the way you expect technology to in 2016 and beyond: fast, secure, easy to use on different devices and with great customer service. Everything is customized just for your needs, and the data can provide actionable, directional insights for administrators and teachers alike.

How it works


Data entered by teacher



Securely saved in cloud instantly



Sliced and diced by modules



Outputted into an excel spreadsheet, report card, or translated into another database


Custom Report Cards
Data is entered by teachers into a custom, secure portal, saved in the cloud and spellchecked, and outputted into a customized PDF that is easy to print. They even are compliant with the latest Standards-Based Report Card guidelines.
Student Learning Objectives
Our automated software will process your Student Learning Objectives by extracting your faculty data and student schedules, and allow stakeholders to enter new data and monitor progress across schools, grades and classes.
Database Bridging
No database compatibility? No problem! Our programming expertise means that we can bridge the gap between incompatible databases to meet your needs.
School Attendance Systems
Whether it’s part of a larger student information system, or a standalone solution, we can provide a customized tool that allows teachers, administrators and secretarial staff to enter and manage attendance records.
Specialized Software
Cosmetology, technical schools, physical education modules and more; whatever your specific needs are, we’ll create a software solution that conforms to you, not the other way around.
Custom Web Portal
Have you ever used services like Google Documents or Dropbox? There are no “submit” or “enter” buttons; everything is instantly saved in the cloud with OSR.