Our company helps school districts and educators embrace technology that addresses both day-to-day administrative and operational needs, and by developing programs that cultivate coding and STEM skills for our next generation.


Untangling complex technology questions

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, not harder. But many school districts are dealing with a hodgepodge of expensive legacy hardware, databases that don’t talk to each other, outdated licensing models, insecure systems and more. We offer high-level consulting services and expertise grounded in real-world experience; our top priority is making sure that our clients implement solutions that make their operations more effective and sustainable while saving money.


We help schools teach STEM to students

“Want a good job? Study STEM,” is very common piece of advice being given to high school students today. In 2015, President Obama committed more than $3B in STEM funding for education.

Unfortunately, many school districts are not equipped to offer effective STEM and coding training for all of their students. There are many challenges: technology is progressing far more quickly than education does, administrators and teachers may not have proper training, existing programs do not engage students underrepresented in STEM, and organizational siloes separate STEM from other types of learning.

That’s where we come in: we know the challenges and limitations of every stakeholder group, and can develop and execute programs that provide training and support to educators, create measurable goals and milestones for administrators, and engaging, relatable experiences for students using technology and programs like Scratch and Minecraft.

Why us?

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